Not my style.

I tried. Not my absolute best, admitted, but I’m done.

Why? Couple reasons.

One, because I feel so deprived, I end up just eating more of the things that I can have. And I knew that even if I had finished the whole 30 days, not much would have changed. Sure, I was more mindful of what I ate, but only of what kind of food I ate, not how I was actually eating the food. I didn’t feel satisfied, even after killing off an entire 5 pound bag of grapes on the 15-minute drive home from work. Not cool.

Two, my friend quit, too. And I don’t know if anyone else is like this, but if I’m doing a diet by myself, I tend not to stick with it. I get discouraged, especially if I started out with someone else. Not to mention it was the night of a country barn dance with Encounter. We went out to eat beforehand. The first “non-diet” thing I had was two packets of saltine crackers. My “meal”, if you could call it one, was a small bowl of fruit. I had eaten plenty not an hour earlier, so the problem wasn’t that I was hungry. I guess what it boiled down to was, I felt left out. Sure, I was “eating” with them, but not really part of the group. And at the dance, they had pumpkin bread cupcakes and Reese’s peanut butter cups. Now, the Reese’s cups were a let down, but the cupcakes did not disappoint. Moist, cream cheese frosting, sprinkled with brown sugar. Fantastic.

Three, while I finished the all thirty days the last time I did it, the end result was the same. Once I was done, almost immediately, I reverted back to my previous eating habits. All that hard work, basically for nothing. I’ve come to the conclusion that the Whole 30 diet is not for me. And that’s okay.

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